Hawthorne Avenue Presbyterian Church

that the stained glass windowns are the earliest surviving windows of Henry Hunt (1867-1951), a glass artist from London, hired by the decorating firm of Leak & Greene of Boston; whose work can also be seen at Henry Clay Frick's home, "Clayton". Refurbishing of the windows was begun with the front window within the last 10 years. 


Pastor Paul Nigra, CLP, has presided over Hawthorne for the past 9 years.

of  the church records, as the committee also became the first trustees. The new building built on land that was part of the Biggert farm property, was dedicated, debt free, in 1901 and by 1923, there were 510 members. A manse for the pastor was built in 1921 at 51 Hawthorne Avenue, but sold in 2004. A fire damaged the church school in the 1970's, which was refurbished and the kitchen was also updated.

The sanctuary has changed very little over the last 119 years. The pipe organ, a Molar Opus #1288, built in 1911, underwent a complete renovation in the 1980's. Records from the Pittsburgh History & Landmark's Foundation state

The Hawthorne Avenue Presbyterian Church was organized on Thursday, January, 23rd, 1896, in the community of Crafton, which at the time, was known as Idlewood. It began with 57 charter members. On December 4, 1894, Pittsburgh Presbytery authorized the building committee, in response to a petition from 81 persons in the Idlewood area, requesting organization of a new church. This committee included Mr. F. C. Biggert, Sr., a local landowner who acted as secretary and kept the minutes. These minutes are still part

Pastor -Paul Nigra

and  Mrs. Jessica Nigra

Clerk of Session - Carol Finlay

Treasurer/Choir - Dave McNamara

Secretary​Judy McNamara

Seeds of Joy - Margaret Jordan

Choir - John Phillips & Joan Phillips 
Sunday School - Jessica Nigra

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